Hi Folks,

I wasn't around in the days when Radio Hauraki was being set up and when it was at sea and finally came ashore BUT I know of the story and love it!! I work (part time) at Radio One Double X (1XX) in Whakatane which has a strong connection with Radio Hauraki.

1XX began on 30th June 1971 - the 4th private commercial station in NZ but the 1st in a private station on air in a provincial area of the contry. We had, from what I've learnt, a lot of help from the guys at Hauraki in the early years of 1XX 1240 (as it was then). Take a look at the history of 1XX at www.1xx.co.nz in particular the page titled THE 1970'S AT 1XX and the ONE DOUBLE eX STAFF page for names that have a Radio Hauraki link.

Happy 40th to the team at Hauraki past and present.

Aaron Anderson,